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One of the highlight events that takes place in the fall is Trails To Terror
Trails to Terror                                                                                    During the Halloween season, the 30-acres of farmland at Highland Farms in Wakefield, Rhode Island are transformed into ghastly displays filled with monsters terrorizing the countless guests passing through on wagons. Trails to Terror got its start in 1996 as a way for farm owners Martha Bradley & Jack Sumner to supplement their farm business. The previous year, they had offered appointment only hayrides to explore the new trend of agritourism and quickly realized they had to step it up a notch and took a look at the haunt industry.
Today, they oversee the massive staff composed of a director, actors, security personnel, supervisors, make-up artists, and even several consultants. Over fifty actors stalk the 30-acre haunted attraction that features two separate haunts and has turned into a massive hit in the area, drawing people as far away as Massachusetts.

The Attraction
Trails to Terror undergoes a reinvention each new season, offering up new haunts for their returning guests. Past attractions have included Dead Men Tell No Tales (a pirate-themed adventure complete with storyline), Cirque De Slay, Grim Fairytales, Last Train to Del Morte (which took guests on a haunted trainride through a ghost town of the Old West), and more. For the 2009 season, the haunt introduced Dead Land which they described as "Dreadline Corporation's Dead Land Facility was opened after the end of the viral wars" complete with daily tours, In addition to the haunt's signature hayride, they also offer a walkthrough alternative known as The Forest of Fear.